Del Sol Projekt

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If the fixed gear of yesteryear modernized and became sensible without losing its fixie edge? That'd be the Projekt. Wide 700 x 40mm tires on wide rims, two-finger sculpted levers and long reach forged brakes, moderate, do-it-all-including-dirt gearing, and a long reach/short stem wide mid-rise handlebar. That's how you modernize the fixie while keeping it rad. Icing on the cake? The Projekt flaunts eco-friendly componentry: 100% recycled tires, 100% recycled tubes, rice-husk composite grips, rice-husk composite pedals, and a reused materials saddle. Yep, pretty hard to mess with that.


  • 100% recycled Schwalbe Road Cruiser 700 x 40 Green Compound tires and inner tubes promote sustainability
  • Rice husk particulate grips and pedals use discarded Taiwanese rice waste product, providing an eco-friendly alternative
  • Saddle uses eco-friendly cover and foam materials borrowed from the Chinese sharing bicycle market
  • Shorter stem and longer top tube provides more stable handling and better rider positioning
  • Wide, mid-rise handlebars provide better control and posture