Yuba Cargo Bikes


Now through November 30th, all Yuba Bike purchases include a FREE passenger/cargo accessory bundle worth up to $450!

  • Fastrack: Rack Deck, D.R.S. Bag, Knog headlight, Abus helmet - $419.98 value FREE
  • Kombi E5: Bamboo Deck, Baguette Cargo Bag, Knog headlight, Abus helmet - $359.98 value FREE
  • Spicy Curry: Bamboo Multi-deck, Sideboards, Hold-on Bars, Soft Spot cushion, Knog headlight, Abus helmet - $449.98 value FREE

This offer extends to special order Yuba purchases as well - if you would like to purchase a model of Yuba Bike not currently in stock, please talk with us directly!

Bike Not Bombs Bike Shop and Training Center is proud to be Greater Boston's newest Yuba Bikes authorized dealer. Yuba is one of the oldest and best known cargobike brands in the US, with a range of both electric assist and traditional pedal bikes in long-tail and bakfiets (front cargo) configurations. They exclusively use Shimano and Bosch motors in their electric bikes, complimenting their quality frame design and bicycle component group choices. Their cargobikes are light, strong, and a joy to ride. You can have confidence choosing Yuba Bikes as an affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly alternative to cars for commuting, errands, family trips, and business needs.

When you make purchase from Bikes Not Bombs, you are supporting our youth and international programs, and getting a trusted bike shop with Bosch and Shimano certified techs in your corner. 

And as an authorized dealer, we can offer you the same prices and availability as Yuba direct.

Come see these amazing bikes, up close and in-person, at the Bikes Not Bombs Hub, 284 Amory Street, Boston, MA!