Refurbished Bikes

At the Bikes Not Bombs Shop, we specialize in reconditioning donated bikes and preparing them to serve many more years as your new daily ride. Thousands of used bicycles are donated to BNB and collected through bike drives each year, and a portion of them are selected to be refurbished by our mechanics and sold in the bike shop. Rescuing great bikes from the waste stream gives us the opportunity to train bike mechanics and distribute affordable bikes in our own community.

What does “refurbished” mean? Every refurbished bike we sell is overhauled: stripped to the frame, washed, and completely rebuilt with a combination of new and reconditioned used parts. Brake pads, cables and housing, chains, cassette/freewheel, bottom bracket, tires, and tubes are typically replaced with new. Touchpoints like grips, pedals, brake levers, and saddle are often refreshed. Replacement derailleurs, brakes, handlebars, and headsets are installed when needed. It adds up to a bike with vintage charm that fits you and runs like new.

Pricing: Refurbished bikes are typically priced between $500-$1000, though some can go as low as $400, and some exceptional refurbs will be priced higher. Kids bikes are available starting from $250. All refurbs are priced based on the quality and condition of their frame and components. Our bikes are durable and repairable, and we believe they provide a significantly higher value compared to similarly priced department store and second hand bikes. If you have questions about the pricing and features of particular bikes, our salespeople are happy to talk through it with you.

Kinds of Bikes: We have lots of basic and advanced bikes in all styles and sizes, including hybrids, road and mountain bikes, BMX and cruisers, kids bikes, and even occasional cargo bikes, trikes, and tandems. Flat-bar hybrid bikes are the most popular with beginning riders and commuters, but we serve all different kinds of riders, and we see lots of unique stuff. We also carry new bikes from Haro, Bianchi, and more. Give us a call, or drop by the shop to talk with us about what you're looking for!

Sizing: Bikes come in a huge range of sizes, and it's important to find the right fit. Consider both your reach and saddle height. When the bike is stopped, you'll want to be able to comfortably stand flat footed, off of the saddle, straddling the toptube. You should have an inch of clearance at a minimum. Then when you are in the saddle, you want to make sure your posture and grip on the handlebars are comfortable, and that the saddle height gives you a comfortable leg extension without rocking your hips on your pedal strokes.

Different sizing conventions are used for different types of frames, with road frames typically measured in cm and MTB and hybrid measured in inches, or with “small-medium-large” sizes. Centimeter and inch measurements correspond to the length from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube, where the post is inserted. Note that this measurement will not correspond to your inseam measurement. The chart below (from Bicycle Guider) shows typical sizing and fit for road bikes. Take this as a starting point, and remember that every bike will have a distinct fit and feel. 

Bicycle Size Chart

Don't worry if you're not sure of your size yet. We'll help you try out the fit of multiple bikes, so you can get a feel for what you like.

After you buy a refurbished bike from us, we back it up with:

  • 90-day parts & labor guarantee: All of our refurbished bikes come with a 90-day mechanical guarantee on parts and labor. If you experience a problem with your bike due to defect of materials or worksmanship, please bring it back to the shop and we’ll make it right.
  • 30-day tune-up: Bring your bike back to the shop after you’ve been riding for a few weeks, and we’ll tighten cables, install accessories, and tweak and adjust anything that’s bothering you.
  • 10% off parts and accessories for 1 year: Pretty self explanatory! Come back to the shop and we’ll give you a sweet discount off whatever you need to put the finishing touches on your ride.

Not sure what kind of bike you need? We're here to help! If you're new to biking or are just not sure where to begin, we'll ask you a few questions about your bicycling plans, explain the features each bike has, and help you find one that fits you and your needs.

And yes: We give free test rides! The best way to know for sure if a bike is for you is to put a couple of miles on it and see how it feels. To be prepared to take a test ride, please bring your photo ID and helmet, and wear closed-toed footwear. You are responsible for knowing the rules of the road and observing your own safety and that of others during your test ride. We reserve the right to refuse test rides in inclement weather or other unsafe conditions.