We are a full-service bicycle repair shop! We like talking to people about their bikes, and even more than that, we like getting people riding their bikes again. So come in with your bike any time we're open and we'll diagnose the problem, discuss your options and budget concerns, and provide you with an accurate estimate and time frame for the repair. Repair estimates are always free!

How long will it take?

Many small jobs can be done while you wait or later in the same day. Tune-ups (see below) and major repairs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  In season the wait is rarely more than a week.

We offer a scheduled drop-off service so you can keep your bike while you wait.

The first step is to come by with your bike for an estimate. After listening to your concerns and inspecting your bike we'll talk the repair over with you and be able to give you an estimate of the final cost and completion time. If you decide to go ahead with the repair we'll reserve your spot in our service queue and give you a printed and/or emailed receipt detailing the repair. You can then either leave your bike with us or make an appointment to drop it off before the work is scheduled to be done. Once the repair is finished (or if we run into any unforeseen problems) we'll give you a call. We have limited space to store bikes and ask that repairs be picked up no more than a week after they are finished, especially in season when we are very busy.

If you need your bike serviced in time for a vacation or special cycling event, please plan to have it serviced early to avoid disappointment!

 Tune-up Menu

Single speed tune ups start at $85 and include minor wheel true, general bolt tightening, chain tension adjustment, brake adjustment, bike clean and lubrication, and labor for minor parts installation (chain, cog, brake pads, cables and housing, tires and tubes, flat fix)

Overhaul service is available; please bring in your bike for a complete estimate.

Our Work is Guaranteed!

We guarantee our repair work for 45 days. Flat fixes are guaranteed for 7 days with proof of purchase (don't worry, we can look up your past workorder using your name). We want you to be completely happy with our service, so don't hesitate to contact us if something doesn't seem quite right. We are happy help!


Abandoned bikes: You are responsible for picking up your bike and paying the balance for your repair within 30 days of its completion. After 30 days, we will charge a storage fee of $2 per day until the bike is picked up. If your bike is left with us for longer than 90 days, we will make three more attempts to contact you and have you pick up your bike, after which we reserve the right to take possession of your abandoned bicycles and treat it as a donation to Bikes Not Bombs' youth and international programs.