Nitize Gearpro Tie Down Gear Strap 24inx27mm Black

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GearPro Utility Straps make light work of securing loads and bundling gear, whether loading up items on the drive home, organizing bulky cords in the garage, bundling skis on the slopes, or carrying items on your bike. Featuring a strong aluminum buckle and stretchy, UV-resistant rubber strap, GearPro has a working load limit of 70 to 80 pounds (depending on strap length/width) to take on a variety of items. For added convenience, we’ve added a sliding loop with a snap in the center—what we call a Strap Cap. Strap Cap lives snugly on your GearPro Strap, allowing you to secure the strap’s end in place to prevent flapping, hanging, or fussing with the excess strap.

With the buckle post facing upwards, simply loop the strap around your gear of choice and pull the strap to create a tight cinch around your item, threading the aluminum post through one of the designated holes on the strap. Slide the Strap Cap into position and push the strap hole onto the snap, securing any excess strap end in place for a tidy connection.