Surly Skid Loader Cargo Ebike - 27.5", Steel, Bathwater Gray, Medium

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The Surly Skid Loader is one of the most exciting and unique new bikes we have in stock. It is a compact e-cargo bike, designed to fit riders between 5'3"-6'3" on the same bike, providing power and flexibility to let you do more than you ever imagined by bike.

One of the undeniably great things about the Skid Loader is its Surly-ness. Surly are one of our favorite bike brands, here in the shop, because they make modern versions of the kind of handcrafted steel bikes that so often end up refurbished in our shop. The Skid Loader provides top-notch regular bike fundamentals and doesn't pile on a bunch of ebike specific bells and whistles. It's a great choice if what you're after is a simple, rock solid platform for your daily errands, plus the occasional trip off the beaten path.

Here's how Surly describes it:

Just as Easy, Not as Big

Cutting back on car trips is a worthy undertaking, especially in these times of planetary peril. With its electric-assist motor and extreme hauling capabilities, our compact electric cargo bike Skid Loader invites those inclined to throw a leg over and wave their middle digits at downtown gridlock. Built for finding more ways to drive less and ferrying various materials to work, play, or wherever, we gave Skid Loader the utility of a long-tail and a manageable footprint that fits wherever a normal bike does.

Comfortable and compliant under load, Skid Loader also enjoys cutting loose without cargo. Engineered to ride and feel like a regular bike, its 27.5” wheel platform provides abundant tire options you don’t get from cargo bikes rolling on smaller wheels. And because it’s a Surly, we gave it ample tire clearance and built it for commutes that go from bus stop to bandit trail. We also gave all three frame sizes adequate standover and a dropper post to fit riders of assorted shapes and sizes. Furnished with useful accessory barnacles and internal routing for just about everything, Skid Loader’s scaled-down and feature-packed cargo frame removes the roadblocks between you and riding whenever the hell you want.

  • Equipped with Bosch Performance Cargo Drive Unit, featuring four invigorating levels of ride assist
  • Capable of running dual batteries for extended range 
  • Dedicated rear rack rated for 100 pounds of potatoes, thanks to beefed-up M6 hardware
  • Internal cable routing for dropper post, brake, shifter, and lights
  • Mounts for fenders, front rack, and bottle cages (two on Medium and Large, one on Small)
  • Stable dual-leg kickstand for your loading convenience
  • Compatible with Surly Excellent Adventure rear axle for use with Surly Bill and Ted Trailers; accommodations for human cargo
  • Sturdy, full-size wheels and large-volume 27.5 x 2.5” ExtraTerrestrial tires

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