Introducing Chain Reaction Mobile Bike Repair Service

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Everything today is mobile, your phone, your speaker, your computer, why not your bike shop?

Bikes Not Bombs is excited to announce the launch of Chain Reaction, our new mobile repair service. With Chain Reaction, we are bringing a piece of our shop out directly to the communities of Boston, taking our expertise and drive to empower and aid all types of cyclists. This summer, we partnered with Boston EMS to service their recreational mountain bike fleet, and the Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition,helping those interested in a fit and healthy lifestyle get their bikes fixed up on the fly. We’ve served both University and secondary school students, passing along tips and tricks to help them be more comfortable on their bikes on Boston’s busy streets. We believe that bicycling can change the world for the better, and we are out to spread the word and offer our support to speed up the process. 

We can help you get  your organization’sbike fleet or your member’s own bikes ticking over nicely, or offer a professionally guided repair and maintenance seminar for your staff. Scheduled services for pick-up and drop-off are also available upon request. Plan ahead with us and avoid downtime -have your bike picked up right from your door, and then delivered back to you when and where you need it.

Through Chain Reaction, we aim to create a catalyzing effect, using the skills we’ve gained as our professional mechanics and passing it along in the community to help create a friendlier environment for everyone to be cyclists. Giving folks the knowledge, tools and confidence to keep them rolling right through their day. Our goal is to create a persistent repetition of this cycle, so that we can all help make Boston safer and healthier for everyone.

Our professional bike techs work alongside Bikes Not Bombs’ Youth Apprentice Mechanics, helping them  sharpen their professional and technical skills. Chain Reaction serves Bikes Not Bombs’ mission of social justice and economic mobility by both directly helping people in need of a flat fix or safety check, while at the same time giving our apprentices opportunities to develop valuable and transferable skills through meaningful community work. Our new mobile capabilities will enable us to bring professional bicycle services anywhere within Greater Boston, so whether you live near a bike shop or not, we’re shrinking the distance between you and a freshly serviced bicycle.

Keep your head up and your eyes peeled, Bikes Not Bombs will be wheeling through Boston, on a mission to get bikes rolling again. Who knows..? Your bike might be next!

-Sterling Storm, Chain Reaction Head Mechanic & Coordinator

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